Capx Exchange
Capx Exchange allows quick and easy cryptocurrency transactions between two interested parties without unnecessary transfer of crypto funds with attached fees and complete anonymity.
Capx Exchange empowers the sale and purchase of these wrapped vesting tokens. It allows the wrapped vesting token holders to sell their tokens against a suitable payment asset for the trade. The exchange would follow an order book model where a sell order is matched with a buy order, and the trade is executed. Since these wrapped vesting tokens are the keys to unlock the original tokens in the future, these tokens' prices should ideally always be lesser than the price of the underlying token.

Use Cases

Scenario : A user wants to sell/buy a derivative asset.

  • Alex holds 100 derivative tokens of the token XYZ. The price of each XYZ token is 1 USDT.
  • So Alex puts up a sell order selling his 100 dXYZ for 0.80 USDT each.
  • Now Bob , who believes in the vision of the project and plans to hold the token for a long time comes into picture. He places a buy order for the dXYZ token for 0.80 USDT.
  • Let us assume the dXYZ can be used to redeem the original XYZ token after 6 months based on the vesting cycle.
  • After 6 months pass, Bob burns his dXYZ token and redeems equivalent XYZ token. This way he is able to purchase the XYZ token at a 20% discount on the date of his original purchase of the token.
Capx Exchange Use Case
With the help of Capx Exchange the owners of wrapped vesting tokens can sell and get liquidity at any point of time and long term holders/buyers get the token at a discounted rate from the market price at that instance.
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