Capx Token & Tokenomics
Capx Tokenomics paves the formalized path for an entirely decentralized and autonomous capx ecosystem. By enveloping governance, incentives, and growth aspects, the capx tokenomics aims to converge the vision between various stakeholders within the capx ecosystem, capx Defi suite functionality, and the CAPX token as a critical securing element of the Capx Ecosystem.
Capx Defi Suits decentralization extends beyond the technical aspects of peer-to-peer trading or blockchain nodal structure. It pursues the development of more equitable and decentralized capx Dao and other Defi products via tokenised governance mechanisms.
Capx governance encompasses the essence of the interplay of community participation, incentives, self-regulation, policy management, and the governance mechanism itself all adjusted to living through and alongside the market.
Through its incentives and policies, Capx Tokenomics aims to create a decentralized governance protocol that, while prioritizing governance minimization and automation, ensures a sustainable path where the ecosystem's growth, sustainability, and safety take priority over individual stakeholder welfare.
CAPX token holders bear the rewards of the ecosystem, as it allows them to earn rewards by staking or securing governance rights to the ecosystem by staking CAPX tokens for a specified amount of time.


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