Capx Governance


Capx Governance is an exciting new evolution of on-chain governance, allowing unique features such as delegated voting and proposition powers, rapid protocol upgrades via short time lock executors, and governance upgrades via long time lock executors.
This ensures the protocol can rapidly adjust to changing market conditions, as well as upgrade core parts of the protocol as time goes on.
Any user can chose to delegate one or both of the governance powers associated with a token, either through our governance portal or programatically.
A user that has received delegated power can not forward this delegated power to another delegatee. i.e., delegated power cannot be passed on further.


Proposal Architecture

Proposal/Voting Power

There are initially two powers associated with governance token:
  • The proposal power that gives access to creating and sustaining a proposal.
  • The voting power which is used to vote for or against existing proposals.
An account's proposal/voting power at a given block is equal to the snapshot of that account's CAPX balance.
An account's balance contributes to both proposition and voting power while delegators can choose to delegate proposition power, voting power or both to another account.
A proposal creator must have proposition power higher than PROPOSAL_THRESHOLD at the block before the proposal is created and until the proposal is executed.
A user can vote only once. The weight of this vote is equal to the user's voting power at the block when vote is submitted.

Governance RoadMap

  • Inception Governance: The goal of Inception Governance is to give initial direction to the project and the best people to do that is the Capx Genesis team. The Capx genesis team will take care of all decisions related to the critical functionings of the Capx protocol.
  • Community Governance: After the CAPX launch, the community will play an essential role in deciding the vital functioning of the Capx protocol. This transition won’t be binary but progressive. As the community becomes more invested in the project and matures, it will give more and more decisions to the community.
    The transition to community governance will be managed with a relentless focus on security & stability and will follow the principle of increasing decentralization.
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